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The radiator is the heart of your engines cooling system. Exchanging engine heat from the coolant to the atmosphere, the radiator has continuous volumes of coolant flowing through it, as well as air flowing around it. If a radiator fails and begins leaking, it is the beginning of an interrupted vacation, possibly dangerous time on the side of the road and even potential engine failure.

Construction, Quality and Fit
Radiators are available from overseas manufacturers, or fly-by-night builders operating out of repurposed gas stations. These shoddy units may work for a while, but will fail under the rigors of high powered diesel operations - often at the worst possible time.

Our replacement radiators are equivalent to original Equipment Manufacturers units because WE SUPPLY THE OEMs! Yes, several high-line coach manufacturers use JB radiators in their new coaches. Why accept a "pretty close" substitute? You can have an exact replacement unit, built to the highest standards of quailty - in both materials and construction.

Call today to get a quotation on price and delivery for your replacement radiator.

Due to the variety of units available, no on-line catalog is available. Each unit is quoted based on the year and exact model of your coach, engine and transmission.

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