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When intake air is compressed in a turbocharger, it is heated by the compression. Hot air is less dense than cold air, containing fewer oxygen molecules per cubic inch than cold air at the same pressure. By cooling the turbo-compressed air in a Charge-Air cooler, the combustion charge will have a larger volume of fuel mixed with the air in order to maintain the proper fuel-air ratio. Because of the increased fuel/air charge, the engine is able to produce maximum design power.

The Charge-Air Cooler (CAC) is an important part of the engine intake system. Filtered turbo-compressed air flows through the CAC and is then fed directly into the intake manifold. If the CAC is cracked and leaks, unfiltered air can be ingested by the engine, causing accelerated wear and potential engine failure.

JB Charge-Air Coolers are manufactured to original equipment manufacturer specifications - in fact, we are the suppliers of diesel pusher Charge-Air Coolers for many coach manufacturers. Our oven-brased welded aluminum construction stands up to the rigors of extended operation, providing reliable service for your rig.

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