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The complex suspension systems of modern motorhomes are a design trade-off between a variety of qualities and factors including cost. Many factory motorhomes may include lower quality components in order to keep purchase cost down - shock absorbers are a prime example. Manufacturers may also leave out components on their lower and mid-line coaches which they include in their high-line models - air-spring system ping tanks are an example of this.

If you are experiencing a harsher bumpier ride than you want, or perhaps your coach seems to wander and track poorly through the curves? If this sounds more like your coach than you want, consider one of our custom designed ride enhancement kits. with exactly the right components for your coach, including new air springs, specially valved shock absorbers and ping-tanks our ride enhancement kits will make you think you have a new coach - in fact your rig will handle better than many new coaches.

If you consider your rig to be your home (or home-away-from-home) and you want to maintain and even improve it rather than replace it - think about the benefits of our ride enhancement kits - for both comfort and safety.

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